Anasayfaya Dön

General Information

1. The Mission of the Program 

The mission of the program is to improve to educational program constantly which is needed to breed people who are qualified researchers and have deep vocational information and skills, make the conduct of this educational program effectively, contribute to the promotion of education level, prompt the opening of the new programs considering the communal requirements, and provide the organization.

2. The Aim of the Program 

The vision of the program is to bring up people who are master about basic sciences and can analyze and plan all the electrical systems, solve the problem via analytical thinking, follow the national and international developments in his own areas and renew and improve his knowledge, have special pedagogical formation to  transfer his knowledge.

            The faculty opened in academic year 1999-2000 with already three departments (Electrical, Mechanical and Educational Sciences) and still going on education activity. Our faculty is an educational institute to train teachers for Industrial Vocational and Technical High School. Because graduates have practical and theoretical knowledge as an engineer has, they can establish their own business and also find jobs more easily in their industry any engineer can.

In addition to this, Technical Educational graduates can work in Faculty of Technical Educational and Vocational High School as an instructor. In our faculty we have both day classes and night classes and give bachelor degree. Graduates take the title of Technical Teacher.

The Condition of Building and Auxiliary Facilities 

Our faculty uses the buildings, workplaces and laboratories of Vocational High School. Our faculty uses the following laboratory units of Vocational High School.